As with so many innovations, we started with a need.

For B. B. Robertson and his son, Michael, it was necessary to have a better prepared barbecue that demanded less work.

In their family restaurant Robertson Hickory Bar-B-Q Pit Decatur / Illinois during the early 1970s, the duo put this need into action.

Their solution: If you cannot buy it, build it.

After years of experimentation, their newly constructed barbecue smoker was less labor intensive and increased its volume. The couple knew that this innovation might be attractive to other restaurant owners, too, and they offered their first model in 1976, the BBR-76. Michael was the designer, B. B. the seller.

Today, Southern Pride® produces a range of fully automatic wood-burning gas or electric smokers in the form of 10 different models. Each model is the result of decades of meticulous research & development, which has served all segments of the food service industry. Our company is constantly developing and perfecting its equipment designs to meet the changing needs of the food service industry.

We are pleased that you have found us as a family business in the third generation. Whether you are a small, family-run BBQ business buying its first commercial smoker, a popular restaurant that wants to improve your concept, or a corporate retail operation looking for the best, most reliable and efficient smokers, we are there to help you.

One of the main reasons we are one this industry’s leaders is due to Southern Pride relying on a worldwide network of dedicated and knowledgeable distributors to avoid pitfalls and maximize your potential. These experts will help you find the right model that meets your capacity and budget requirements and will oversee ordering, delivering, installing, ventilating and setting up your smoker.

Let one of our authorized, knowledgeable distributors help you find the best solution for you.

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