The hallmark of Southern Pride products has always been simplicity, reliability and design. We are also known for the free testimonials and ongoing recommendations that we see from our customers.

Our equipment is equipped with high quality components, building materials and industrial-quality techniques that ensure a long product life. The accuracy of our controls, ease of use, consistent temperature and excellent convection ensure a performance that is equal to none in this industry.

Combine the standard features of a Southern Pride smoker with our excellent dealer support, on-time service and longevity, and you’ll experience a “before-and-after” shopping experience that is outstanding.


  • 304 stainless steel construction, inside and outside (reduces rust potential, reduces wear after years of use)
  • Multiple ventilation options especially for our Smoker with Rotisserie
  • Optional exhaust air positions on gas smokers (front or rear)
  • Digital thermometer / thermostat control, which is standard for all models
  • Safety shock relay on all rotisserie models
  • Convection fan access door: Easy access to the convection fan for the required periodic cleaning
  • CE certification
  • Quick and easy access to the service compartments
  • Stainless steel door closer
  • Maintenance-free storage of drive systems and convection fans
  • Rotatable Teflon Rotisserie Wheel Drive Pins (Rotisserie Models)
  • Informational videos for unpacking, unpacking, venting, installing, operating, maintaining and cleaning your new Southern Pride
  • Shipping with standard suppliers for all models (lowest cost shipping method for short delivery times)

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