Gas smoker

The primary heat source for our smoker is gas – either natural gas or liquefied propane (LP). Southern Pride gas smokers are also ideal for cooking products by keeping the firebox free of wood. When wood is used, it provides extra heat and gives your product a smoky flavor. Our Sub thermic ™ fireplace increases smoke intensity, heat efficiency, and enhances your product’s aromas – while drastically reducing wood consumption. For example, our largest units can smoke up to 1,400 pounds with only two or three firewood logs in a chunk cycle. Season your product and load it in the oven. Then place 1, 2 or 3 pieces of wood in the firebox, depending on the smoke profile you want. Turn on the smoker and set the temperature and time. The most amazing thing about all Southern Pride Smokers is their simple, automatic operation. No guesswork, no need for constant attention, no turning or twisting of the product while it is cooking. Let your Southern Pride do all the work until your tasteful product is done … automatically! Precise temperature control and remarkably even heat distribution explain the success story of Southern Pride. Our special convection air system recirculates the smoke and heat through the chamber, cooking each product slowly and evenly, during the “self-basting rotisserie”, and enhance both aroma and texture. This effortless process increases profitability by reducing product shrinkage – the magic formula that B.B. and Michael Robertson developed four decades ago.

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