Why does the digital display of my smoker show “DOOR” even though the door is closed?


This means that the door contact switch is either misadjusted or faulty, causing the smoker to register that the doors are open and prevent the cooking cycle from starting.

  1. Check the door lock switch to see if the switch is properly fastened. (The door lock switch is located either in the door’s inner frame above the product’s left door opening (older models). For newer models, it can be found in the right door frame. If the motor is blocked, clean the switch with WD 40 or other suitable products. When testing, be mindful of a “click” sound, to see if the switch is working. In case the problem persists after cleaning the switch, simply replace the switch.
  2. If the switch does not jam (you hear “click” sound), check the contacts on the back of the switch with a multimeter to make sure the normally open and normally closed contacts are working properly. – Remove the two screws from the switch holder and pull out the switch. (Smoker must be on) CAUTION: The cables attached to the back of the switch are powered. Connect one lead of the meter to one ground and the other to the normally open terminal of the switch. There should be no voltage displayed. Then connect the cable to the normally closed terminal and 5V DC should be displayed. Replace the switch if it is stuck in one of the two positions.
  3. For digital control units, a multi-amp circuit is not complete until the NC contacts are closed because the door is opened. If the contacts are fused, they cannot be activated when the door is opened. In this case, replace the door switch.

Note: When the control circuit is closed and the control display shows “DOOR” even though the door is closed, the smoker will not heat up.

The following is a temporary solution, until you can install a new switch.

Disconnect the connection cable (labeled COM) on the door switch and insulate the cable end to avoid a short circuit. Reinstall the door switch. You can cook normally. Rotisserie, burner and convection fans work normally. When the door is opened, the rotisserie, burner and convection fans remain switched on. You must unplug the device or press the Start / Stop button to stop the rotisserie and remove the product or stop the smoker. If you press the down arrow before opening the door, the smoke extractor will open (as far as Smoke Extractor is present) and evacuate the smoke before you open the door.

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